3D Printing Software "Netfabb" is now compatible with Mimaki's full color printer "3DUJ-553"!


3D printing software "Netfabb" (Autodesk, Inc./Headquarters/USA) is now compatible with the UV curing inkjet full-color 3D printer "3DUJ-553" manufactured by Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. (Headquarters / Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture, President / Kazuaki IKEDA).

”Netfabb” is a 3D slicer software that supports full color.
Customers who are already using the "3DUJ-553" can use the standard software "3D Link" and "Netfabb", and customers who are already familiar with "Netfabb" will be able to continue to use "Netfabb" as before with the "3DUJ-553".
By using "3DUJ-553" and "Netfabb" in combination, it is possible to expand the possibilities of full-color 3D printing by utilizing the following features.


Netfabb Features

  • Errors in 3D models can automatically be corrected.
  • Tool-optimized design, including lattice generation for printing 3D models, visualizing support material, and automatic part packing.
  • Can be used with the same interface even when used with other printers.
  • Standard/Premium/Ultimate lineup of functions and price combinations according to the customer's intended use.

There is no loss of 3DUJ-553 features such as accurate reproduction of the model and color expression of over 10 million colors.

Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk is a leading provider of 3D technology-based software for design, engineering, entertainment.
Engineers and designers in the fields of manufacturing, architecture, civil engineering, infrastructure, CG/video, etc. design, plan, visualize, and simulate their ideas on a computer before actually creating a new work or structure. Autodesk software is used for this purpose.


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