The conditions of software for Adobe Illustrator2020

Supported OS/SW

* The following operating conditions are the results obtained by internal tests.
 Note that other problems may be occurred.
* The software other than listed in the following table does not support Adobe Illustrator 2020.
* Please confirm conditions between Illustrator version and OS in advance,
 and use Illustrator in guaranteed operating environment. 
  • Yes -> Functions normally.
  • Yes* -> Operable, but partially has problems.
  • No -> Cannot be used.
Product name Ver Operation Status Workaround Plan to support
FineCut9 for Illustrator 1.3
Yes [MacOS]
It operates normally.
Yes [Windows OS]
It operates normally.
RasterLinkTools for Illustrator 1.6.2
Cannot be installed. It cannot be installed in Illustrator 2020.
Please use the former version of Illustrator until a product which supports Illustrator 2020 will be released. February, 2020

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