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Mimaki Official Customer Support Channel

Operation guides, daily maintenance procedures and other useful videos are available on the customer support channel.

  • Mimaki Support official Ch.

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    Nozzle wash

    If cleaning does not improve nozzle clogging,
    Try nozzle cleaning.
    White maintenance

    Please try if there is an abnormality in the
    density of the white ink.

    Recommended videos

    Maintenance of the bottom of carriage

    If dirt collects on the bottom of the head,
    it is more likely to adhere to printed matter.
    Nozzle Recovery Settings

    If the nozzle omission does not improve, try the nozzle recovery setting.

    Cleaning the Capping station

    If dirt collects on the capping station, it may adhere to the printed matter.Clean it regularly.

    CG Series
    Introduction of 6 blade types.

    For other support videos, please see "Mimaki Support Video Official Ch.".

  • Mimaki Support official Ch.
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