Environmental requirements for the printer.

  • Prior to installing the printer, prepare a room that meets following environmental requirements.

1) No direct sunlight. (Avoid installing printer next to windows.
  If the machine receives direct sunlight , curtain the windows to shield sunlight.)
2) Environmental temperature: 20 to 30˚C, Relative humidity 35% Rh to 65%Rh.
3) Temperature range: 10˚C /h or less
4) No direct airflow from air conditioner or other air ventilation systems.
5) The flooring should be level.
6) The flooring must be free of vibration.
7) Use of fire is strictly prohibited around the printer.
8) Airborne contaminates should be office level. (less than 0.15mg/m3)
9) Attitude should be up to 2,000m.
10) No chemical products around.

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