IP Laboratory Center

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IP Laboratory Center: Evaluate print materials and provide solutions for UV inkjet printing

IP Laboratory Center

In IP laboratory center, we research print conditions that deliver the best print results with UV inkjet printers.
We opened the IP laboratory center on August 1st, 2016 at Mimaki headquarters in Japan. We will open the same laboratories in overseas in the future.


  • Verification of ink bondability onto various materials or intricately shaped materials.
  • Study of optimal print conditions using Mimaki genuine inks and primers for the material provided from users.
  • Verification of print processes that satisfy needs of each user.
  • Verification of compatibility between print technique and the new material.
  • Development of new applications based on users' feedbacks.


  • Customers who use using inkjet printers for industrial products
  • Customers who are considering the introduction of inkjet printers for industrial products
  • Industrial product-related designers and creators

IP Laboratory Center (Japan)

IP Laboratory Center (Japan)
Address2182-3 Shigeno-Otsu, Tomi-city, Nagano, Japan 389-0512
(inside the Headquarters of MIMAKI ENGINEERING CO., LTD.)
Person responsibleYasuyuki Hijikata, IP marketing group
Scheduled openingAugust 1, 2016
Exhibited models - UV inkjet printers
UJF-7151 plusJFX200-2513JFX200-2531JFX500-2131
- Miscellaneous
Corona treatment system, thermostatic chamber, etc.

*We plan to open overseas IP Laboratory Centers in following countries
Shanghai (China), Taiwan, Sydney (Australia), Singapore, India, Indonesia, Netherlands, Germany, North America and Brazil

Announcement of the Opening of the JP Demonstration Center and TA/IP Lab Centers (Press Release)

Request Flow

Request Flow

Evaluation request via Mimaki website

1. Please click the icon below, fill the form out and send it.
2. We will contact you after we have confirmed.

Evaluation Request Form

“FAQ” for IP Laboratory Center Open

Q1. What is the purpose of IP Laboratory Center Open?

A1. The purpose is to provide the print method for matching with the customer needs and to develop the print technic for new functional (new materials) applications.

Q2. What can IP Laboratory Center do?

A2. The Adhesion and the print aptitude (to print for the complicated shape) for several kinds of materials are evaluated. Against the customer providing samples, we deliver the customer the printing conditions by evaluating with using Mimaki genuine ink and prime. The print process for matching with the customer special needs.

Q3. Which customers are the target for IP laboratory Center?

A3. The customers are the current and new user for UV inkjet printer mainly. The designer creator is the object of the IP Laboratory center.

Q4. What kind of printers are prepared at IP Laboratory Center?

A4. UV Inkjet Printer UJF-3042HG, UJF-3042FX, UJF-6042, UJF-3042MkII, UJF-6042MkII, UJF-7151 plus, JFX200-2513, JFX200-2531, JFX500-2131 are prepared.

Q5. What kind of evaluations are tested at IP Laboratory Center?

A5. The adhesion and rub-fastness of the printed layer are tested against the customer providing materials.

Q6. What kind of test can IP laboratory Center do? What kind of test instrument do you have?

A6. The following test instruments are prepared and the mentioned evaluations are considered.

Test Instrument Evaluation Details
Cross Cut GuideAdhesion
Gakushin-type Rubbing TesterRubbing Fastness
Thermostatic OvenFor Accelerate and Storage Stability test
Bending TesterPrinting Layer evaluation by bending

Q7. Please advise the requesting method for testing.

A7. Please contact with Mimaki Engineering Sales Branch near the customers and confirm the branch contact address by Company Profile.
We also accept the inquiry via Mimaki website. (Now under construction)

Q8. How much is the testing fee?

A8. Basically the testing fee is free of charge. However if the evaluation will be tested by the third party inspection, the charge will be appeared separately.

Q9. What type of samples should be prepared for evaluation?

A9. The 10cmx10cm sheet is necessary for one item evaluation.

Q10. Can you develop the system like Robot?

A10. We can study and provide the idea of the system for the special needs.

Q11. Is it possible to be attendance for the test and to tour the laboratory?

A11. Please contact with us before if you hope to tour the laboratory. We will consider the proposal according to the evaluation contents.

Q12. Can IP Laboratory center have the over-sea customer requests?

A12. About the over-sea customers' requests, the over-sea's branch will be window for evaluation.

Q13. How long does it take for evaluation?

A13. The evaluation term will be changed according to the degree of congestion for the testing. After receiving the samples, we will report in 7 to 10 working days.。

Q14. Can we make a contract of NDA?

A14. Yes, you can make a contract.

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