What are the necessary computer specifications for installing RasterLinkPro5?

  • The following computer specifications are required to install RasterLinkPro5:

*1: Windows XP 64bit is not supported.
*2: RasterLinkPro5 Ver.2.0 or later version is required.
  XP mode on Windows 7 is not supported.
  Windows 7 Home Basic/Start (32/64bit) is not supported.
*3: RasterLinkPro5 Ver.4.0 or later version is required.
*4: Intel CPU and chipset is supported. If using CPU and chipset other than Intel items,
  errors may occur and printing may be interrupted during printing.
*5: In the case of FA32 format, problem may occur when using hot folders on Macintosh.
*6: USB2.0 port is necessary when connecting to the printer which USB2.0 interface is equipped
  USB2.0/1.1 port is necessary for connecting a dongle.
*7: Ethernet port is necessary for connecting a Client computer. It is also needed to perform
  functions via internet such as Serial number registration, Program Update and Profile
  Download. For using these functions License activation is required.
*8: IEEE1394 port is necessary for connecting to a printer which IEEE1394 interface is
*9: PC-MACLAN is required for using the client computer with MacOS8.6-9.2.2 if OS of the
  installation computer for RasterLinkPro5 SG/IP/TA is WindowsXP.

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