Accordion curtain

Manufacturing a custom accordion curtain with Mimaki sublimation transfer inkjet printer!

Even an original accordion curtain can be printed with sublimation inkjet printer.
Polyester accordion curtain has excellent performance that improves heating and cooling efficiency. Also, that performance will be kept even if it is printed. how about an enhancement for the line up on an air condition seasons?

・Manufacturing that responds orders quickly without inventory.
・No need for large-scale pre-processing and post-processing equipment.
・Can be printed on ready-made products. etc.,

There are many strengths unique to digital on-demand printing!


Enhance the lineup with low-volume, high-mix production.

For indoor privacy or room partitions

Can also be used as a window curtain.

Features of Mimaki sublimation transfer printer.

  • Space saving
  • Space saving large scale facilities are not required for pre-processing and post-processing. Also, no wastewater because the dyeing without water. That’s eco-friendly!

  • Safety of ink used for sublimation.
  • Mimaki has attained the "ECO PASSPORT" certification from OEKO-TEX® international association headquartered in Switzerland for sublimation inks.

  • Fulfilled mass production equipment
  • We can propose the large-capacity ink bottle or useful optional items ensuring the long-time continuous operation.

Sublimation transfer / textile printer applications examples.

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Click here to For the original fabric before sewing, Can be printed on ready-made polyester curtains! / Introducing of "Custom lace curtain".

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