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Efforts of Mimaki
Collaboration between The University of Florence and Mimaki’s Italian importer Bompan results in a milestone for anatomical study.
The full-color “3DUJ-553” 3D printer was used to reproduce a 3D scanned human heart with high color accuracy.
Product used
Low color accuracy, fragile parts, and time intensive post processing produced less than desirable results with powder based full-color 3D printing.
The full-color 3DUJ-553 creates robust anatomical models with realistic color reproduction that are easy to post process.
Product installed
When necessary, the Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab at the University of Auckland added color to 3D prints by hand due to the lack of vibrant colors and affordability in full-color 3D printers.
The Mimaki 3DUJ-553 full-color 3D printer now allows the Lab to print in 10-million colors at a running cost affordable to the university.
Product installed
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