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Replacement was urgently required for the sublimation transfer printer JV4-180 upon termination of the maintenance/support term for the product.
High-speed printing capability accomplishing a maximum production speed of 115 sqm per hour enhanced productivity while declining the running cost. Additional fluorescent ink compatibility broadened the range of options offered to our customers.
We were looking for 3D printers capable of outputting high definition 3D data created in the office for use in explaining construction processes to our clients.
The model prototypes were extremely popular and we successfully landed requests for proposals. As 3D printers can reproduce models cheaply in diverse scales, they are better than outsourcing hand-crafted models, and we are confident they will become indispensable as effective business tools.
Product installed
The limit of print width sometimes forced us to print in an inefficient way. Inefficient imposition caused waste of materials and raised cost challenges.
Now, print width of 3.2m enables us to print large signage at one time now, including the finishing width for post print processing. Faster printing generated some cushion on the delivery schedule.
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