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Efforts of Mimaki
Collaborated in the printing production of Daido Moriyama's installation work “Lip Bar” at the “KAMU L” exhibition space in “KAMU kanazawa”, an art museum.
Cooperated to print the installation work “Lip Bar” with our UV printer “UJV100-160”.
Product used
We purchased a 3D printer to output CT data of animal bones, etc. in 3D and tried various ways, but it did not go well.
With the introduction of the 3DFF-222, we were able to output the skeletal model as we wanted with support on how to output. The 3D model has made it easier for us to explain the surgery to the owners and to help them understand the importance of the CT scan.
Product installed
We used to outsource printing on plastic parts and metallic plates, laser cutting acrylic plates, etc. in the process of manufacturing products, which took us a lot of time and money.
It became possible to do the laser cutting and printing processes in-house, which led to a cost reduction. We could also reduce the time for prototype production, which enabled us now to make various proposals.
Product installed
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