The software converts CAD data to the most applicable cutting data. It brings out features of cutting plotters in the most effective way.

CAMLINK2 is the software to import the data formatted by the DXF-FILE, converting CAD DATA into CUTTING DATA.
Although it is stand-alone software, it does not require a high-spec PC.

CAMLINK2 is compatible with the latest version of DXF files and has added a higher-precision cutting function.
In addition, more confirmation functions before cutting strengthen the prevention of cutting errors and reduce material wastage.

Main new features

  • Cutting condition setting for each layer
  • V-Cutting function
  • Table toggle function
  • Edge detection
  • Cut Preview
  • Trace output

Other existing features

  • Output all shapes with Pen
  • Setting up any order of cutting
  • The prevention function from over cut

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