Sophisticated RIP software for Textile & Apparel, "TxLink4"


Textile software RIP "TxLink3" has become further sophisticated and user-friendly.

New useful functions, including "Parallel RIP function" to increase productivity and "Variable print function" applicable to team-order production of uniforms, are added.

The functions inherited from TxLink3 are also improved in various points such as expansion of applicable formats, response to PDF transparency effect, and operability.

Product outlines:

Added useful functions

  • Parallel RIP function makes production more efficient.
  • A 16-bit rendering realizes beautiful gradation expression.
  • Simplified pagination 
  • Assignment of feature color to spot channel
  • Variable print function tailored to applications for apparel is provided.
  • Image mask function

Useful functions succeeded from TxLink3

  • Color replacement
  • Step and repeat
  • Multicolor profile creation
  • Color combine (Exclusive feature for the professional version)

Three editions are available.


TxLink4 Catalog (2.38MB)

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