Reliable Mechanism for High Productivity

"TS500P-3200" operating at a high speed of 180 m2/h increases productivity and delivers beautiful quality printing on transfer paper up to 3.2 m wide. With its excellent capabilities, it meets a broad range of applications including home furnishing textiles and indoor soft signage.



  • 3.2-m superwide sublimation inkjet printer
    - The maximum printable width of 3.2 m is practical for sublimation transfer printing on extra-wide fabrics for curtains, bed linens, and other home furnishings.

  • The maximum printing speed (180 m2/h) achieves high productivity
    - The maximum print speed is 180 m2/h*1 for 4-color printing and 105 m2/h*2 for 6-color printing.
    *1 Print conditions: 180 m2/h, 4 color, Draft mode, 360 × 360(HQ) dpi, 2 pass
    *2 Print conditions: 105 m2/h, 6 color, Draft mode, 540 × 360 dpi, 4 pass

  • New printhead and feeding mechanism ensure high speed and quality printing on 3.2-m wide media
    - 12 new-type printheads rapidly eject ink to ensure high speed, quality printing at high printhead gap settings.
    - AMF*3 is capable of feeding media up to 3.2 m wide and of 130 kg. Moreover, AMF can maintain stable feeding to achieve high-quality printing.
    - Cockling-reduction transfer mechanism*4 supports high-speed printing on a wide paper.
    *3 AMF: Front and rear tension bars apply the appropriate tensions to the media in order to maintain stable media transportation.
    *4 Cockling: Wrinkling of the media surface due to ink absorption. The printhead tends to make contact with the cockled paper surface when the head gap is narrow, resulting in undesirable contact damage to the printhead and inferior print quality.

  • Uninterrupted printing solutions
    - Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) automatically detects and cleans clogged nozzles.
    - Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) uses only good nozzles as substitutes, when the clogged nozzles are not recovered after cleaning.
    - The large ink containers (3 liters) are installed in the external ink supply unit. The inks can be filled into the container during long-time continuous printing.

  • High-performance RIP software TxLink4
    The TxLink4 offers simple RGB and CMYK color replacement on raster and vector data, as well as the ability to produce different color patterns. Moreover, various color replacement functions can represent desired colors.
    TxLink4 Standard or RasterLink6Plus is bundled according to user's request.

Mimaki subimation inkjet printer
Sublimation ink

Production Example of TS500P-3200

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TS500P-3200:Soft Signage   TS500P-3200:Fashion Apparel   TS500P-3200:Interior fabrics
Soft Signage   Fashion Apparel   Interior fabrics

TS500P-3200 Catalog (3.57MB)


TS500P-3200 Maximum print width: 3,290 mm (129.5")

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