CJV300 Plus Series

Print & Cut Inkjet Printer equipped with silver ink, which is evolved with three "Plus" features

CJV300 Plus Series


"CJV300 Plus Series" are new model products standing as successor of "CJV300 Series".
Environmental consideration, economic performance, and work efficiency have been added as "Plus" features as well as high function.

Three "Plus" features

  1. Labor-saving process & Business efficiency
  2. ECO feature for green protection
  3. Newly added functions to realize higher image quality and stability

Production Example of CJV300 Plus Series

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CJV300 Plus Series:Label CJV300 Plus Series:Poster CJV300v Series:Outdoor signboard CJV300 Plus Series:Illumination signboard
Label Poster Outdoor signboard Illumination signboard
CJV300 Plus Series:Fashion Apparel
Fashion Apparel

CJV300 Plus Series Catalog (2.03MB)


CJV300-130 Plus Maximum print/cut width: 1,361 mm (53.6")
CJV300-160 Plus Maximum print/cut width: 1,610 mm (63.4")

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