Bicycle wheel cover

The effectiveness of advertising improves with a custom bicycle wheel cover!

The number of commuters or workers who use a bicycle is lot increasing.
Why don't you improve the effectiveness of advertising with bicycle wheel cover manufacturing with custom printing?
Also, can custom to Ita-chali!*
* a bicycle that has been decorated with anime characters and so on.

・ Very small lots and original manufacturing are possible
・The enhancement of a lineup with high-mix low-volume manufacturing
・Accelerate new product development and prototype production. etc.

Can meet various requests!


LA-W Series

What can be realized with Mimaki Print & Cut machine

  • Color, size, and design can be changed quickly
  • Digital on-demand manufacturing does not require a plate, so can easily change colors and sizes. Can also make additional prints (custom prints) on off-the-shelf products.

  • Only cut is possible
  • Can be used only by cutting the carbon sheet or the marking sheet, too.

  • Clear printing (UV machine) and silver printing (solvent machine)
  • It is possible to express textures and metallic colors that change the pattern depending on the viewing angle!

Easy to print in a different color

Can be used only by cutting

Texture expression with UV print

Applicable product

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