CFX Series

High-end cutting plotter for efficient processing in various applications
- High speed and cutting pressure. Plotter machine of its highest class. -

The high-end flatbed cutting plotter "CFX Series" offers the highest speed and pressure in its class, as well as up to four types of tools mounted simultaneously, greatly improving processing efficiency.

In addition, a lineup of processing table sizes and tools is available to suit various applications. Even after installation, table expansion and additional tools can be added, providing long-lasting support for the growth of your business.

CFX Series | High-end Flatbed Cutting Plotter

Line up: 3 table sizes *Expandable after installation



Sign display standard size 4x8 board
Maximum cutting size: 1,300 mm x 2,540 mm (51.2" x 100.0")



Toggle cutting of 4x8 plates greatly improves processing efficiency
Maximum cutting size: 3,190 mm x 2,540 mm (125.6" x 100.0")



Processing of sign banners and packages up to 5m long
Maximum cutting size: 5,080 mm x 2,540 mm (200.0" x 100.0")

Two types of software - can be operated even by beginners

Standard bandled software

The combination of Finecut/Coat9 and the mark sensor function enables high-precision cutting while correcting the tilt and distance of coordinates.

  • Direct and easy cutting from Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW
  • Multi-Cut function to cut the same area with different pressure and other conditions
  • Automatic tiling-cut function to prevent overcutting of media
  • ID Cut function automates cutting the printed materials

Option software

Converts CAD data into optimum cutting data to maximize the capabilities of the cutting plotter.

  • CAD data loading and cutting output
  • Detailed cutting conditions can be set for industrial cutting, and database creation
  • All pen output -Tracing function to reduce waste of expensive materials

New features for the CFX Series

01: V-cut function

V-cut depth of cut can be adjusted and with one click.Triple cuts can be added with a single click. Easy post-processing after machining.

02: Edge detection, backside cutting

Provides a process that maximizes the convenience of the camera (optional)

03: Toggle Function

Continuous processing without time loss in material setting (-2531, -2550 sizes supported)

Toggle Function: Area 1, Area 2


CFX-2513 Effective cutting area: 2,540 x 1,300 mm (100.0 x 51.2")
CFX-2531 Effective cutting area: 2,540 x 3,190 mm (100.0 x 125.6")
CFX-2550 Effective cutting area: 2,540 x 5,080 mm (100.0 x 200.0")

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