Various usages for fashion, industry, logistics, etc.

It will be able to do the custom manufacturing of trendy items or industry belts with a sublimation inkjet printer!

・Manufacturing a minimum lot and custom goods.
・Printing a corporate name or logos.
・Enhancement of the product lineup with many products in small quantities is available.
・It is possible to print on off-the-shelf goods. etc.

It will be available to do custom printing without process adding or changing with digital on-demand manufacturing!




What we can do with an inkjet printer

  • Can be manufactured from one item
  • It is possible to print only the required minimum quantity. It realizes the production depending on demand such as additional mass production only for top-selling designs.

  • Possible to quick respond to changes in color, size, and design
  • You can quick change colors and sizes because printing plate are not required.

  • It is possible to print a corporate logo or name on off-the-shelf goods easily
  • Inkjet printing that the name printing on off-the-shelf goods (additional printing) is easier than silk printing because no need for a plate. And can print names on off-the-shelf goods.

Manufacturing that response on a trend

Easily manufacturing that switched to a different color

Corporate name or logo printing on off-the-shelf goods

Features of Mimaki sublimation transfer printer.

  • Space saving
  • Space saving large scale facilities are not required for pre-processing and post-processing. Also, no wastewater because the dyeing without water. That’s eco-friendly!

  • Fluorescent ink
  • We have a printer that supports fluorescent ink in Mimaki sublimation printer lineup and can print a more vivid and eye-catching expressions.

  • Fulfilled mass production equipment
  • We can propose the large-capacity ink bottle or useful optional items ensuring the long-time continuous operation.

STEP .1 Printing data with a sublimation transfer printer



STEP .2 Transfer the pattern with a heat press sublimation

Heat Press Sublimation Machine

Transfer process


Applicable product

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