Athletic Supporter

Creating a colorful athletic supporter with a sublimation transfer inkjet printer.
You can express individuality through an athletic supporter not only through clothes, too.

A supporter is used to prevent injury or to avoid stress on the sore joints or muscles.
This is one of the support goods professional tennis or volleyball players use for preventing injury. Also, everyday use for heals is of course.

Mostly, the design of supporters is plain or only the company logo printed. Have you ever wanted do more easily print a colorful design, the sponsor company logo, and the team’s name on this?

With Mimaki sublimation transfer inkjet printer, it is possible to add the design to a polyester fabric supporter.
Also, the plate less digital on-demand printing can achieve the production from small lots to mass production that responds to demand flexibly!

*There are cases in which the sublimation printing is hard depending on the shape or media kinds. Please contact us when looking to implement our products.

Well-balanced entry-level model: TS100-1600

What will be able to realize with inkjet printer.

  • Can be produced from one item
  • It is possible to print only the required minimum quantity. It realizes the production depending on demand such as additional mass production only for top-selling designs. Also manufacturing with desk top type heat press machine is available.

  • Possible to quick respond to changes in color, size, and design
  • Digital on-demand production does not require a printing plate. therefore, you can easily change colors and sizes.

  • Easy to print company logo and personal name
  • It is possible to print a name on off -the-shelf goods.

    And we can also respond to requests such as printing each player's name and number individually.

    You can also change the design for the souvenir of the match or for each season!

Elbow supporter

Sublimation transfer process flow

Knee supporter

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