Plug cover plate

Custom printing on the cover of a wall switch or outlet!

The outlet and wall switch are essential electric parts in daily life.
In some cases, such as when reforming the wallpaper, these are not belonging to the new wallpaper by its original color.
Mimaki UV-LED Inkjet printer UJF-7151 plusII is possible to print on such as a cover of a wall switch or outlet, that will be matched those with new wallpaper.
Not only a full-color Mat tone print, but Gloss tone or Texture representation with clear ink, and reproducing Embossed printing are available with UJF-7151 plusII.
Also, the new feature the "Color Gloss" function achieves a unique expression with a glossy feel without using clear ink.
UJF-7151 plusII can realize the various representation ways.

・The small lot, customized goods production.
・Expand line up with multi-product, low-volume production.
・Additional printing on original goods.
・Rapidly development of new products and prototype products. etc.,
We can meet the various customer's demands.

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UJF-7151 plusII

UJF-7151 plusII



What can be realized with digital printing

  • Quickly change in color, size and design
  • Colors and sizes can be changed quickly because a plate is not required. Additional printing on off-the-shelf goods is also possible.

  • Only the required number can be manufactured
  • Can realize manufacture according to sales, such as manufacturing only the minimum required quantity and mass-manufacturing only popular designs. Active in small-lot, high-mix production!

  • Uneven expression
  • By printing multiple layers of UV ink on the surface of the printed media, textures such as wood grain and tiles can be realistically expressed.

Add color to off-the-shelf goods

Small-lot, high-mix manufacturing

Representing the unevenness of the wood grain with embossed printing

Other more, introduction of application examples using UJF-7151 plusII

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