Manufacturing of "Custom headphones" with Mimaki inkjet printers!

Print on headphones with Mimaki UV printer!
As Video games and PC games are recognized as communication tools and e-sports, there is a growing demand for unique and customized designs for headphones.
By using Mimaki inkjet printers, not only full-color printing but also printing on curved surfaces and braille printing are possible. And,

・Manufacturing of custom products for very small lots
・Enhancement product lineup with low-volume, high-mix manufacturing
・Additional printing on off-the-shelf goods.
・Accelerate speed of new product development and prototype manufacturing.  etc.,

Can meet all customer’s needs!

UJF-7151 plusII

UCJV300 Series

What can do with digital printing?

  • Quick change in color, size, and design
  • Since it doesn't need a print plate, can quickly change the color and size of characters and symbols. Additional printing on off-the-shelf goods is also possible.

  • Only the required quantity can be manufactured
  • Can realize manufacturing according to sales, such as manufacturing only the minimum required quantity and mass-manufacturing only popular designs. Active in small-lot multi-product manufacturing and custom headphone manufacturing in very small lots!

  • Braille printing
  • The dome-shaped braille can be automatically laminated and printed conforming to JIS standards (Performance and Test Method of Ultraviolet Ray Hardening Resinous Braille JIS T9253) and ADA (The Americans with Disabilities Act)

Customizing with wrapping printing on curved surfaces

Small-lot, high-mix manufacturing

Automatically prints braille according to the standards

Applicable product

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