[Small-lot, built-in-order manufacture the toothbrush]

As novelty goods and souvenirs for visitors the company
How about a custom printed toothbrush?
Additional printing and personalization on off-the-shelf products and product packages.
It is possible to respond without adding or changing the manufacturing process!

・Accelerate new product development and prototyping
・Enhance the lineup with low-volume, high-mix production.
・Very small lot, custom-made production
・Personalization by printing on off-the-shelf goods. etc.,

Can meet various requests!

UJF-7151 plusII (Model available to print a silver ink)

UJF-6042MkII e

UJF-6042MkII e

Features 1. Small lot high-mix production

It is possible to manufacture only the minimum required quantity and to realize manufacture according to sales such as additional mass manufacture of only the best-selling design.

Feature 2. Color and size can be changed quickly

Products printed with silk, hot stamps, and transfers can be easily changed in color and size because digital on-demand production does not require a plate.

Features 3. Easy to a name printing

Since additional printing of off-the-shelf goods is possible, it is easy to name printing.
Because can manufacture a product from one, not to mention a novelty use, the range of proposals will be expanded such as "My toothbrush" the name printed.

Features 4. High-class expression the silver ink

The industry's first! a Mimaki printer is equipped with silver ink!
Can reproduce a high-class expression like foil stamping only in the printing process.

Small lot support

Have printed with silver ink

Print example

STEP .1 Make a printing jig with a cutting plotter




STEP .2 Print on a toothbrush with a UV-LED inkjet printer

UJF-7151 plusII

Set the jig and toothbrush on the UV-LED inkjet printer


Example of had printed with silver ink

Had completed with top coating

Applicable product

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