Wheel cover

Original design even for wheel cover with a Flatbed UV inkjet printer.

Mimaki has a proven record of Roll to Roll Inkjet Printer for car wrapping on automobiles. Furthermore, has a lineup of Flatbed UV inkjet printers that can print directly on three-dimensional materials such as wheel covers.
A wheel covers that are in a variety of shapes and is often used as a dress-up for metal wheels.
Why don't you add an original design to the wheels with a Flatbed UV inkjet printer?

High-performance UV inkjet printer model UJF-7151 plusII

High-performance UV inkjet printer model UJF-7151 plusII

Flatbed cutting plotter CF22-1225

Flatbed cutting plotter CF22-1225

What will be able to realize with UJF-7151plusII printing.

  • Only the required quantity can be produced.
  • It is possible to print only the required minimum quantity. Not only custom order production, but also small lot production is possible.

  • Possible to flexibly respond to changes in color, size and design.
  • Because of not needed Printing Plates. It is possible to flexibly respond to changes in color, size, and so on. Possible to print on custom parts other than wheel cover, therefore more unified design car custom is available. And the additional printing on ready-made goods is available too.

    * In some case, it is hard to printing that depending on material or shape of medias. Please check in advance whether these will be satisfied with the quality.

  • Load reduction of handwork
  • The handwork of wheel lapping can be shortened by printing on the medias directly.

Small volume multi-kind printing

Representing even detailed color variation

Even possible to print on media that has height difference

And Mimaki Roll to Roll LED-UV Inkjet Printer. A proven track record of car wrapping printing.

Introduction of related products that can also fit mass-manufacturing.

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