New business in the age of the New Normal

Why not start manufacturing measures goods against coronavirus with Mimaki inkjet printers!

For example, a door opener can handle parts that are touched by many and unspecified people, such as doorknobs and elevator buttons, without contact. By carrying this when you go out every day, you can prevent direct touch with bacteria and viruses.
And acrylic partitions are essential items for preventing droplet infection in various places or situations such as offices, restaurants, hospitals, and schools. Now, it going to be necessary to print original designs and messages to add differentiation and design.
In the age of the New Normal, where the future is still uncertain, measures goods against coronavirus that firmly support daily life are in demand. Mimaki UJF series can meet the various needs.

UJF-6042MkII e

UJF-6042MkII e

UJF-7151 plusII

UJF-7151 plusII

Feature 1. Full-color expression possible

Measures goods against coronavirus are often colorless or monochromatic, but Mimaki UV-LED inkjet printer can easily print full-color designs.
It is also possible to add a company logo or message and produce a wide variety of manufacturing in small quantities.

Acrylic door opener, various designs are available.

Printed on PET resin film.

Feature 2. White ink and clear ink printing improve design!

Partitions not only reduce the risk of infection, but also available to create an original space by making the most of the design.

Acrylic partition using white ink

Acrylic partition using white ink

Acrylic partition using white ink

Feature 3. Easy to manufacture a display

With the digital on demand manufacture, can easily change the color and size because this doesn't need a plate.

Allows to be creative, various goods can be manufactured.

Application example

Can also print different data on the front and back with white ink in between.
Since it can handle plate-less and variable data, you can quickly enter the lot number and name.

4-layer print diagram

Applicable product

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