Ema (Votive pictures are hung in shrines in Japan.) and Amulet goods

Easy mass manufacture of "Ema" and "Amulet" goods
Proposal for UJF-6042MkIIe / UJF-7151plusII

・Want to shift from outsourcing to in-house manufacturing the goods.
・Want to print on various medias such as wood and acrylic.
・Want to increase sales by increasing limited manufacture items. etc.,

Propose our UJF-6042MkII e and high-end model UJF-7151 plusII, which can meet various needs!

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UJF-6042MkII e

UJF-7151 plusII

UJF-7151 plusII

Feature 1. To built-in-order manufacturing with less inventory fluctuations

The best notable feature of Mimaki printers is "Plate-less & On-demand printing".
Manufacture the required quantity at the required time. To a constitution that does not have unnecessary inventory.

Print in order of Color + White + Color. Realize color development and double-sided printing unique to acrylic

Feature 2. Versatile power of expression with embossed UV printing

By adding accents to the edges, it is possible to create expressions that give a visual impact.
For example, name printing by embossed UV printing is an environment-friendly method as it does not scatter fragments unlike engraving.

Expressing Kumadori (Kabuki shading makeup) with Embossed UV printing

Feature 3. Fostering luxury and special feeling with silver ink

Metallic colors that could only be expressed with offset, silkscreen, and foil stamping are now available with inkjet printing. By combining with CMYK colors, can enhance the design even more.

Paper crane with silver ink

Printing example

STEP.1 Make a jig for printing

This time, made a jig by styrene board cutting with Mimaki cutting plotter CFL-605RT.



It has been cut so that the Ema can fit in.

STEP.2 Print with the UV-LED inkjet printer

Printed directly with Mimaki UJF-6042MkII e that does not need a plate.

UJF-6042MkII e

UJF-6042MkII e

STEP.3 Sales, Delivery

A special ink called UV ink is used, and it cures the moment it is printed, so it will not stick to finger even if touch it after printing.
It is also possible to hand over to the customer immediately after printing.

Applicable product

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