Digital UV Dyeing on TPU smartphone case

Raster Image Processing

Print image file is rasterized by "RasterLink"

A raster image processor (RIP) converts the image data to an appropriate data format for digital inkjet printing.
Mimaki RasterLink is software RIP that can rasterize the data without a special hardware.
In addition, RasterLink has a variety of tools for optimizing the data for inkjet printing.
For more information about RasterLink, please visit here.

Masking on the smatphone case!

Create black and white duotone print data. The black color part is masked by primer printing.

Parameters of RasterLink
720×1200dpi 16pass
Mono color replacement  Black → Primer


Prepare dye solution

Dye powder: DYLON / Multi-purpose Dyes
Dissolve dye in 40℃ warm water.
It takes longer time to dye if use cold water.

Put the case in the solution!

The case will be dyed after 30 minutes in 40℃ warm water.
Color varies depending on time and water temperature. Please test to find the best dye conditions for obtaining favorable color.
Please wear protective goggles, gloves and clothes to prevent from staining and an unexpected accident.

Take the case out from the solution.

When the case is dyed, take out it from the solution and wash it with a sponge.

Soak the case in alcohol solution

Wipe the case well and soak it in alcohol solution. After 1 to 2 minutes, take out it and pat the printing surface gently with soft cloth.

Remove masking, a primer layer.

Apply adhesive tape on the print surface to remove the primer.

Remove the tape slowly and check if a primer layer is properly removed by the tape.
* Do not scrape the surface to remove the primer layer.
* If the primer is left on the surface, soak the case in the alchool solution again.


The case is perfectly dyed!

Delicate design can be represented by utilizing inkjet print technique.
Digital UV dyeing can be applied to TPU products that are widely used for watch bands, sports shoes, swimming goggles, and many products.

Digital UV dyeing can be applied to TPU products including watch bands, sports shoes, swimming goggles, etc.
Delicate design patterns of the digital UV dyeing adds value to the products.


  • Dye color may vary depending on conditions and environment such as room temperature. Please test before starting production.
  • Content in this website is subject to change without notice.

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