Manufacturing a custom skateboard with a Mimaki UV-LED inkjet printer!

Skateboarding to be in the spotlight, such as being added as one of the official Olympic competitions.
At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the boards used by the athletes were uniquely decorated.

With the Mimaki UV-LED inkjet printer, can print directly on the skateboard, then making it the only skateboard in the world.

・ Small lot manufacturing from one board is possible
・ Can realize the in-house production
・ Additional printing to off-the-shelf products is possible
・ Since no plate is required, the color and design can be changed immediately, etc.

Manufacturing with a UV-LED inkjet printer has various merits.

The skateboard introduced on this page was printed with UJF-7151plus.
Stick the printed deck sandpaper on the surface of the deck.
The bottom of the deck and the wheels are printed directly.

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UJF-7151 plusII

It is also possible to print a name such as a company logo or name

The Wheel part can be decorated too

It is also possible to add printing on off-the-shelf products

What will be able to realize with digital printing.

  • Can be manufactured from one item
  • It is possible to print only the required minimum quantity. Therefore, it would be active in production field of high-mix low-volume

  • Possible to quick respond to changes in color, size, and design
  • Can quick change colors and sizes because printing plate are not required.

  • It is possible to print on off-the-shelf goods
  • It is possible to print on off-the-shelf goods. Even if the skateboard is already a finished product, it can be printed if the parts can be removed, so you can easily customize it to the only skateboard in the world.

Introducing custom goods made with Mimaki printers

In addition to UV-LED printers that can be directly printed on the skateboard, we are introducing printing on various things such as towels!
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