Ballpoint pen

Adding a more value to the original ballpoint pen with Mimaki UV-LED inkjet printer.

Ballpoint pens that anyone uses from children to adults.
The ballpoint pens are often handed out as promotional items at business events.  Why don't you make a ballpoint pen that will push the promotion with glossy print?
Mimaki UV-LED inkjet printer UJF-7151 plusⅡcan realize the glossy texture without using clear ink!
Of course, the matte tone can be realized too.
Mimaki UV-LED inkjet printer can variously represent at demand.

Mimaki UV-LED inkjet printer can realize a personalized designed ballpoint pen manufacturing with direct printing on it.

・Small lot production even from one ballpoint pen is possible.
・Because of it is possible to print not only on pens but even on various goods. It is possible to manufacture such as promotional goods in-house.
・It is possible to print a name on off-the-shelf goods.
・Because the plates are not required, it is possible to change color or design quickly.  etc.

There are many advantages with UV-LED printer manufacturing.

The ballpoint pen introduced on this page have been printed with UV-LED inkjet printer UJF-7151 plusII .
And the jig has been made with the cutting plotter CFL-605RT .

UJF-7151 plusII has newly featured a color gloss function that prints glossy texture without clear ink!
Matt and glossy texture, both expressions are possible with only color inks.
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UJF-7151 plusII


Small lots and many types of production are possible

Newly featured a color gloss function that prints glossy texture without clear ink

Can personalize by printing on off-the-shelf goods.

What will be able to realize with digital printing.

  • Can be produced from one item
  • It is possible to print only the required minimum quantity. Therefore, it would be active in production field of high-mix low-volume

  • Possible to quick respond to changes in color, size, and design
  • You can quick change colors and sizes because printing plate are not required.

  • It is possible to print on off-the-shelf goods
  • It is possible to print on off-the-shelf goods. Therefore, it is possible to easily change into a new design.

Introducing custom goods manufactured with Mimaki UJF-7151 plusII

And UJF-7151 plusII can print on various materials!
Various expression methods such as a braille and an expression that using silver ink are possible.
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