SD card

[OEM, Company logo, Name] Custom SD cards can be manufactured with UV printing on off-the-shelf goods.

Digital printing (UV inkjet printer) realizes flexible manufacturing according to sales!
It also leads to non-inventory and improvement of cash flow.
Additional printing and name printing on the off-the-shelf goods can also be custom prints without adding or changing the manufacturing process.

UJF-7151 plusII

UJF-7151 plusII



What can be realized with an inkjet printer

  • Can be manufactured from even one item
  • Can realize manufacturing according to sales, such as producing only the minimum required quantity and mass-manufacturing only popular designs. Also, for tie-up purposes such as limited time offer items and campaigns!

  • Quickly change of color, size and design is possible.
  • With digital on-demand production, can easily change colors and sizes because a plate is not needed.

  • Easily add a company logo and a brand name printing
  • For OEM applications, additional printing on finished products is also possible.

Small-lot, high-mix production

Bright colors with white ink

Easy to change designs and expand variations

Applicable product

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