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Couldn't find any satisfactory UV printer products capable of handling solvent-based prints at the product price, processing speed and running cost we required. We were also looking for products compatible with the recently increasing synthetic and wallpaper printing work.
UCJV300-160 cleared all problems. With a high output speed and requiring no drying time, the printer can handle quick turn-arounds speedily. Stable operation of the product allows unmanned night-shifts. With enhanced processing capability, we aim to acquire more things to do.

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High output and reliable stability is the decisive factor

Exact match to the conditions we indicated, says Mr. Akio Tsujimoto, president of POP-Tsujimoto Co., Ltd.

Exact match to the conditions we indicated, says Mr. Akio Tsujimoto, president of POP-Tsujimoto Co., Ltd.

Conclusive fact in introducing UCJV300

  • Moderately priced UV printer with a low running cost
  • Capable of handling synthetic paper and wallpaper

Direct migration of solvent-based print jobs

The "UCJV300-160" was introduced in September 2018. Early adopters of solvent-based prints, the company "was hesitant to introducing UV printers" explained Mr. Tsujimoto.
Naturally, the company was well aware that competitors were moving away from solvent-based prints to UV, measuring the timing to enter the business while considering the exploration of new business opportunities.
The printer price, processing speed and running cost were the restraining factors. Mr. Tsujimoto was not satisfied with the UV printers available at the time.

Other options, such as latex printers were also explored, until "UCJV300-160" was finally introduced. The search was over.

UCJV300-160 was introduced to POP-Tsujimoto in September 2018

UCJV300-160 was introduced to POP-Tsujimoto in September 2018

When Mimaki first proposed the "UCJV300-160", Mr. Tsujimoto was astounded at the exact match with the printer he wanted.
He was looking for "a UV printer for day-to-day use, with nothing special about it".

"I was looking for a product compatible with the jobs we do on solvent printers, he says, and recited the advantages of the product. UCJV300-160 has "a nice print quality. It's very fast for a UV printer, and the ink cost is competitive."
"I just couldn't resist it, especially after I saw the price tag," Mr. Tsujimoto grinned.

Capable of handling synthetic paper and wallpaper

Another important consideration was its capability to print on synthetic paper.
Synthetic paper is the recommended printing media for UV printers, quite popular among clients. This also backed the decision.

Demand for indoor printing applications to wallpaper is increasing, and UCJV300 has extra affinity with this material. These prints are used as wallpaper in exhibitions and interior decorations in commercial facilities.

Although mainly intended for short-term decorations, the material has the durability comparable to solvent-based prints and can be used for longer durations.

Quick response to business inquiries

Processing table for applying finishing touches to printouts. Company characterized by quick response capabilities.

Processing table for applying finishing touches to printouts. Company characterized by quick response capabilities.

After its introduction, Mr. Tsujimoto felt the printer was faster than expected for UV printers.
Operation was simple, anyone can manage the printing when explained, with consistent quality. The printer contributes to standardizing the workflow.
POP-Tsujimoto adopts a simple workflow. Each operator oversees individual prints from post-design data adjustment to output and finishing. It was important to select equipment available to use by everyone.

Orders to the company generally require "shipping within a day of the order placement", and clients often ask for the output to be shipped "before evening" for morning orders.
Mr. Tsujimoto describes his company as "the last resort when in a hurry". "UCJV300-160" is a powerful tool in this business model with a high output speed and requiring no drying interval.

Without a single major trouble, the stable printer allows for printouts to be initiated around closing time, finishing its job unmanned during the night. In case of long-sheet printouts, the prints can be processed throughout the night, to be dispatched for delivery in the morning.
In this business, the deadline is everything, and we need fast, stable equipment says Mr. Tsujimoto.

Enhancing response with UCJV300

POP-Tsujimoto generally specialized in creating outdoor signages, but orders for indoor ads are increasing. Event and exhibitions used to be the primary application for prints. Currently, signages posted in mass retail outlets, specialty stores, shopping malls and other commercial facilities make up for about one-half of the output generated by the company.

Clientele is concentrated in the Kansai region and includes Osaka branches of companies situated in Tokyo. POP-Tsujimoto does not need much marketing or promotion, as steady flow of business is generated simply by word-of-mouth reputation of customers appreciating the quality of their work. Signages are painstakingly generated with delicate consideration, and the company has absolute confidence in the delivered product.

The UV printers "are not taxed to full capacity yet," and Mr. Tsujimoto intends to secure additional orders.
We make it our mission to catch everything our customers pitch us. We'd like to be regarded as a company our customers can rely on.

POP-Tsujimoto Co., Ltd.

POP-Tsujimoto Co., Ltd.

POP-Tsujimoto Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 by the current president and founder, Mr. Akio Tsujimoto. Derived from the abbreviation for Point-Of-Purchase, the name of the company came from department store sales promotion POPs. Mr. Tsujimoto took a liking to the novelty and feel of the word while working in another company, handling these promotion material.
The company began as an old fashioned signage dealer producing hand-painted signboards, then started providing cutout characters with the introduction of cutting plotters.
Utilization of inkjet printers dates back more than 20 years, using the solvent-based "JV3" printers to output signs.
The company is characterized by its creativity, analog enhancement of output with handcrafted artifice. Even though the main tools transitioned from paint brushes to digital print, the established corporate style lives on.

User report also available for small flatbed cutting plotter "CFL-605RT".

User profile

  • NamePOP-Tsujimoto Co., Ltd.
  • IndustryInkjet output, sign production
  • Address1-4-8 Deshiro, Nishinari Ward, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan [current address]
  • Phone number+81-6-6644-3773
  • URLhttps://www.pop-t.com/

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