If [Error 50 Media detect] is displayed.

  • Media detection failed. This indicated the print media is outside the media sensor range.

1. Re-set the media within the sensor range and try again.

2. The media sensor passes above the black rubber strip in the platen and detects differences between the rubber and the media.
1) Clean any dust or debris on the black rubber.
2) Set material flat. Surface variations may cause detection problems.
3) Set blank media or adjust the media position to avoid the detection of printed image data.

3. Check the media set position.
Media detection may fail if the media edge is too close to the capping station. The right edge of the media should be aligned to the right edge of the pinch roller.

4. Clean the Media sensor with cotton swabs.
Move the head carriage to the left side of the maintenance station area and clean the sensor with ethanol using a cotton swab. Then use a new cotton swab to dry the senor.

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