Mimaki IoT "Digital printing connection"


Mimaki is developing "Digital printing connection" to incorporate inkjet printers, formerly used alone, into production lines, for unattended on-demand production and mass customization using communication with peripheral equipment*.
*Peripheral equipment: Robots, belt conveyors, inspection devices, various sensors and pre/post processing devices.

Current production image

Current production image
  1. Operator arranges printing objects on the printer table.
  2. Transferring the print data to the printer by RIP PC.
  3. Print.
  4. Confirmation of print completing.
  5. Collection of printed objects. Return to 1.

*Operator is necessary except 3.


"Digital printing connection" image

Digital printing connection image
  1. Specify the work from the system.
  2. The robot arm automatically arranges the jobs.
  3. Start printing.
  4. Robot arm automatically collects the printed jobs. Return to 2.

*Unmanned production is possible in the processes except 1.

Mimaki original "MDL commands" and "Mimaki Job Controller" for communicating with peripheral devices.

"MDL commands"

"MDL commands" are used to control Mimaki printers from customer production systems and peripheral equipment.
Utilization of the "MDL commands" controls the position and height of the print substrate table and the operation of the printer, such as the start of printing. It also provides the information on remaining ink amounts and errors of the printer.
For customers utilizing the "MDL commands", it is possible to build an optimum system according to their development of software using Mimaki technical information (SDK).
*SDK (Software Development Kit): A kit that collects all the necessary programs and documents to develop software.

"Mimaki Job Controller"

"Mimaki Job Controller" is a software to communicate with the printer automatically for transmission of optimal printing data and printing conditions.
When incorporating a connected printer and a robot together into a production line for feeding print jobs using a conveyor, the robot arranges jobs from the belt conveyor onto the printer to start printing after completing the job settings. Then the robot collects the printed items after printing. Therefore, the series of operations can be unmanned.

For more information, please find the Mimaki IoT movie !!

SDK distribution

Necessary information for the operation of "MDL command" is distributed as "Technical information (SDK)" on the below dedicated site.
*User registration (free) is required to download SDK.

MDL Command SDK Download Site


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