Mat and Carpet

Sublimation transfer inkjet printer that makes a mat or carpet stylish.

Mat or carpet that are found in various places such as entrance of office or shop.
You can make welcome guests feel comfortable by just changing the design of these.
Sublimation transfer inkjet printer can change the design of mat and carpet and elaborate the design, increase added value and, coordinate atmosphere of the office or shop with those originality.

Digital on-demand production does not require a printing plate. Therefore, it is possible to achieve a flexibly production that responds to its demand and, small lot production.

・Advertisement, company logo and, name printing
・Personalization by printing on original goods
・Speeding up a new-product development or a prototype production.
・Expanding a lineup with small quality and large variety production.
・Very small lot, custom-made production etc.,

It is available to reduce inventory and improve a cash flow.
Custom printing like additional printing or name printing on finished products are available without changing setup of printing process.

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Well-balanced entry-level model :TS100-1600

Also, fluorescent colors printing is available! :TS55-1800

What will be able to realize with inkjet printer.

  • Can be produced from one item
  • It is possible to print only the required minimum quantity. It realizes the production depending on demand such as additional mass production only for top-selling designs.

    Also, it will be possible to respond to requests such as changing the name of the mat for each store.

    Also, for limited-time notices and for calling for infection prevention measures!

  • Possible to quick respond to changes in color, size, and design
  • Digital on-demand production does not require a plate, so you can easily change colors and sizes.

  • Easy to print company logo and personal name
  • It is possible to print a name on off-the-shelf goods.

High-mix low-volume production

Print a name or company logo on off-the-shelf goods.

Calling attention using eye-catching fluorescent colors.

Features of Mimaki Sublimation Transfer Printer

  • Space saving
  • Space saving large scale facilities are not required for pre-processing and post-processing. Also, no wastewater because the dyeing without water. That’s eco-friendly.

  • Fulfilled mass production equipment
  • We can propose the large-capacity ink bottle or useful optional items ensuring the long-time continuous operation.

  • Fluorescent ink
  • We have a printer that supports fluorescent ink in Mimaki sublimation printer lineup and can print a more vivid and eye-catching expressions.

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