Tile Carpets

Arranged tile carpets can be manufactured with just the entry model cutting plotter!

Manufacture arranged tile carpets with Mimaki compact flatbed cutting plotter!
Can cut tile carpets using a reciprocating cutter that can cut a maximum of 10 mm thick!
Both office and home materials can be cut.

・Manufacture a variety of goods of events or prototypes immediately with quick delivery / high-mix low-volume
・Manufacture only needed quantity without inventory
・Safety and reduced workload without hand cutting 
・Easy to cut even complicated shapes with only its cutting shape data. etc.,

The CFL-605RT delivers efficient sample and package production.

[The multifunction plotter strongly supports digital on-demand production]
・Eccentric cut
・Tangential cut
・Reciprocating cut

How to make it

1. Set tile carpet on CFL-605RT

2. Remove the cut parts

3. Replace with parts of different colors and fit

4. Completed!

Case study of use in sublimation transfer printing

Linked to the example of using sublimation transfer printing on a mat, "Custom mat carpet".
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