Make the custom flip-flops with a Mimaki sublimation transfer printer!

It’s getting hot day by day.
Many people plan to spend their time comfortably by wearing flip-flops on the beach in search of coolness.
By using sublimation transfer printing, such flip-flops can be easily made into a product with a cool.
Would you like to start a production business of custom flip-flops?

・Without keeping stock, Quick production of orders.
・Rapidly development of new products and prototype products.
・Can be printed a name or brand name on off-the-shelf goods. etc.

There are many advantages unique to digital on-demand printing!


The flip-flops introduced on this page are manufactured with TS100-1600.
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The TS100-1600 is the entry model sublimation transfer inkjet printer that can handle everything from one sample to large lot manufacturing.
High speed printing of up to 70 m²/h for high productivity
・Soft Signage
・Fashion Apparel
・Interior fabrics
・Sports Apparel
And so on, Can use it for various purposes.

Additional printing on off-the-shelf products such as company, brand logo, and the name is also possible

Fine lines are also precisely printed.

Enhancement of the product lineup with many products in small quantities is available.

Features of Mimaki sublimation transfer printer.

  • Space saving
  • Space saving large scale facilities are not required for pre-processing and post-processing. Also, no wastewater because the dyeing without water. That’s eco-friendly!

  • Safety of ink used for sublimation.
  • Mimaki has attained the "ECO PASSPORT" certification from OEKO-TEX® international association headquartered in Switzerland for sublimation inks.

  • Fulfilled mass production equipment
  • We can propose the large-capacity ink bottle or useful optional items ensuring the long-time continuous operation.

There are more, too! Introducing examples of original goods made with sublimation transfer printers

Goods such as T-shirts and custom mugs can also be manufactured by sublimation transfer.
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