Mugs. One of the applications that are easily in-house made.

Mugs are the items that we can use every day.
The various designed goods have been printed and sold like licensed character merchandise or elaborate design.
Such mugs can be printed easily in-house with a printing way called sublimation transfer.

・Responds to orders for small-lot production.
・Cost saving with no plate and inventories.
・Digital on-demand production that can respond to the rework flexibly.
・Can product various custom merchandise other than the mugs.

Why don't you produce an in-house custom mugs by sublimation transfer printing that has many advantages as above?

Well-balanced entry-level model with excellent operational performance, image quality, speed and cost: TS100-1600.

the entry-model of cutting plotter: CG-AR Series

What is sublimation printing?

It is a printing method that prints on sublimation paper, sublimated the ink by using pressure & heat, and instantly dyes the polyester material.

No mention to the mugs introduced on this page, sublimation transfer prints are useful in various goods manufacture such as sports towels, curtains, uniforms, and making original fabrics.
* Links of applications that can be created with a sublimation transfer printer are posted at the bottom of the page.

Increase work efficiency with a cutting plotter!

By utilizing the cutting plotter on Mimaki various product groups, it is possible to improve the efficiency of mug production.
By including registration marks into data when creating it, transfer paper can be cut neatly.
It is possible to flexibly apply to mass production.

It is possible to apply to small lot production.

Using a cutting plotter can cut the transfer paper accurately.

We have more examples, too! Application example that can be created with a sublimation transfer printer

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