Lamp shade

Anyone can easily make an original lamp shade with the 3D printer!

A lamp shade that is used for indirect lighting in interior decoration.
The brightness of the light can be moderate, and by changing it to warm light, a calm space is expressed.
Also, there has been a long-standing thing called lithophane that enjoys patterns by using light.

Such a lampshade, did you know that anyone can easily create 3D data from photographs, and can create original design lampshades using a 3D printer?
expression by the 3D printer expresses the design. Can create your original design lampshade without post-processing.
It is also possible to make the room more attractive and to use for directing a special day as a surprise such as an anniversary.

Mimaki 3D Printer 3DFF-222 is equipped with the modeling table (bed) that has a built-in thermostatic function.
It allows for stable formation. By this, the lamp shade with a complicated pattern will be also beautifully reproduced.

For indirect lighting accents

For interior decoration and surprises

FFF system Desktop 3D printer "3DFF-222"

Our product introduced on this page is "3DFF-222".
* You can browse the product page by clicking the image of the machine.

Can be manufactured without specialized knowledge of 3D data creation. How to make a lamp shade is posted in the download material at the bottom of the page.

* PLA resin is used for the filament. Please make sure to execute an advanced evaluation regarding the physical property (strength, weather resistance, safety etc.) for estimated applications.

Features of lamp shades made with 3D printers

Detailed expressions such as geometric patterns and cityscapes can be reproduced

Mimaki 3D Printer 3DFF-222 is equipped with the modeling table (bed) that has a built-in thermostatic function.
With fine temperature control, 3D modeling can be performed in a state suitable for output, and it is also possible to create lamp shades with detailed expressions such as geometric pattern designs and cityscapes.

For one of the new ways to leave your favorite photos and memories

Can add a lamp shade to the way you decorate and use your photos.
By making the scenery and landscape of memories into a lamp shade, it becomes an important thing that familiar with everyday life.
In particular, landscape photography can be used as an accent for indirect lighting to make it look good as an interior.

As a surprise to celebrate the anniversary

Lampshades that can be made with a 3D printer will make the pattern less noticeable while the lights are off.
Taking advantage of this point, it is also possible to realize a surprise with a lamp shade that makes a message appear by turning on the light.
Anniversaries such as birthdays and to convey your feelings, and seasonal events, etc.
Since you can easily create a lamp shade with just one image,
Not only souvenirs but also interior decorations of shop can be created.

By turning on the light, it is possible to express a message that emerges. * Click the image to enlarge

PLA resin that is friendly to human and the environment

The filament of the 3D printer 3DFF-222 is made of a material called PLA resin (polylactic acid).
PLA resin is classified as a biodegradable plastic that can be decomposed by microorganisms and is attracting attention as an environmentally friendly material that can eventually returning to earth.

If you are interested in 3D, why not try full-color 3D with more than 10 million colors?

3DUJ-553 sample with pure clear ink 3D data created by Olaf Diegel

3DUJ-553 sample with pure clear ink 3D data created by Olaf Diegel

Full color sample created with 3DUJ-2207

Full color sample created with 3DUJ-2207

The feature that supports the Pure Clear ink can be used to express glass or acrylic transparency feel. Mimaki full color 3D printer "3DUJ-533"

Compact full-color 3D printer "3DUJ-2207" that is compact and easy to install in offices, etc.

There are more! Application example that can be created with a 3D printer

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