Fishing lure

Make the customized your own fishing lure with UV/3D printer!

Fishing. Nowadays, becoming popular outdoor leisure that can keep distance since COVID-19.
It isn't less to begin the fishing as a 'new normal' leisure since COVID-19, is it?

Especially, nowadays lure fishing is becoming popular because of the easily fishing tackle without bait and can begin as soon as tackle is ready.

Not only to enjoy the fishing in nature but to arrange the favorite tackle according to the fish that want to catch is the pleasure of fishing, isn't it?

For such lures, Mimaki 3D Printer is available to use for mockup, and UV-LED inkjet printer for decoration printing lures media that made by mold injected or cutting work.

* Introduced Mimaki products on this page are below.
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FFF system Desktop 3D Printer "3DFF-222"

Cutting plotter for manufacturing jigs for printing "CFL-605RT"

High performance model capable with silver ink "UJF-7151 plusII"

Metallic that was expressed by painting or foil stamping can now be printed with silver ink

What can be realized with Mimaki products

Can handle from prototypes to small-lot manufacture.

With 3D printer, the unique shape of the lure is reproduced.
Prototypes and small-lot products can be manufactured in small pockets of time.
Because of reproduced with digital data, it is easy to make differences in size and subtle design. Can quickly check the finished image.

Accurately reproduces a variety of colors

Rich color variations are achieved through detailed color reproduction, patterns, and real prints (photo images) that are difficult to express with an airbrush.
Since printing is plate less, it is possible to change and correct colors and patterns quickly.
Can manufacture efficiently the lure handmade process by printing.

Print up to 4.5mm height difference

Capable with a dedicated print mode for long-distance printing that inkjet printers have been not good at.
Capable to the height difference with the printing media up to 4.5mm.

Can manufacture lures with also these printers!
Desktop type UV-LED Flatbed inkjet printer

Supports A3 size & 153 mm height "UJF-3042MkII e"

Supports A2 size & 153 mm height "UJF-6042MkII e"

We have some more! Examples of applications that can be created with a UV printer

Introducing a printer that can print directly on wood

Make a custom printed toothbrush!

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