Wood material

Increase the added value of wood material by taking advantage of the UV-LED inkjet printer.

Nowadays, a DIY boom is back.
Some DIY stores prepare a workshop where can experience DIY easily. It became an even more popular DIY boom by this.

Stickers and sheets with custom designs are often used for wood material in DIY.
Those can be made up with your wished design, but have you ever heard people say that they want to DIY original illustrations and photographs, or that it is difficult to attach a sheet to a material that is difficult to adhere to?
With Mimaki UV-LED inkjet printers, you can achieve your original design by printing directly on wood material.

By printing directly on the material, you can change it to the custom material, as well as varied such as MDF which is often used in DIY to other materials such as walnut-like.

By using a flatbed UV-LED inkjet printer that can print on wood, it will be possible to provide DIY with a custom design!

Mimaki products introduced on this page are as follows.
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MDF is often used as a DIY material

Two types of shelves were made this time

The cutting plotter that can make jigs for printing "CFL-605RT"

High performance model with color gloss function "UJF-7151 plusII"

Flatbed UV printer that supports up to A2 size "UJF-6042MkII e"

Compact flatbed UV printer that supports up to A3 size "UJF-3042MkII e"

What can be realized with digital printing

  • Flexibility to change colors, sizes and designs
  • Digital on-demand manufacturing does not need a printing plate, so makes it easy to change colors and sizes.

  • Only the required quantities can be manufactured
  • Only the required quantities can be manufactured. It is possible to manufacture according to the quantity of materials used in DIY.

  • Easy additional printing on finished products and off-the-shelf goods.
  • No mention to printing on wood material before assembly, additional printing on finished products and ready-made goods is also possible.

Pen holder printed on MDF material and assembled by DIY

Comparison with and without printing

Metallic ink can be used to express foil stamping *Only capable with UJF-7151 plusII

Reproduction of fine color tones

Additional printing on off-the-shelf wooden boxes is also possible

Proposals for more other related usages

Making the plug cover plate that matches the living space with printing.

By printing on the "Vent hole cover", a more ideal interior space is realized!

Introducing a new cutting plotter that can be used for in-store decoration and packaging manufacture.

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