Earphone cases

Make your earphone cases unique with a Mimaki UV printer.

Earphones have been used for various scenes like listening to music, video watching, and online meeting.
Nowadays, wireless earphones are mainstream that is taken with their charger case.
Custom IEM faceplate has been mainstreaming earphone customize. Also, why don't you try to print the custom design on the wireless earphone case from now on?

Mimaki UV inkjet printer UJF-7151 plusII is available to print directly on the media to 153mm high.
Also, the new "Color Gloss" function achieves a unique expression with a glossy feel.

Mimaki UV printers are available to print directly on the wireless earphone case and achieve custom-designed wireless earphone case manufacturing.

・The multi-product, low-volume production such as only one earphone case.  And a limited number of models production are possible.
・Because of the various goods printing not only earphones are possible, it enables those in-house products such as the promotion items.
・It is possible to respond to the naming print on the original products or order made demand.
・Because of no need for a printing plate, the color and design are changed quickly. etc.,

There are many advantages the manufacturing with a UV printer.

The wireless earphone case introduced on this page was printed with the UV printer UJF-7151 plusII.

UJF-7151 plusII is newly capable with a color gloss function that expresses gloss without using clear ink!
With only color inks, it is possible to print two expressions: matte and gloss.
Of course, it is also possible to express using clear ink as usual!
Can change the ink set according to the requirement.

Depending on the type and material of the earphone case, it may be difficult to print, so please check in advance to ensure that it would be satisfied the quality.
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UJF-7151 plusII

Logos and names can be added

Capable new color gloss function that expresses gloss without using clear ink

It is also possible to reprint on off-the-shelf products (Click the image to enlarge it)

What can be realized with digital printing

  • Manufacture even from one item is possible
  • Since it is possible to manufacture only the required quantity, it is useful for small-lot, multi-variety production and limited model manufacturing.

  • Quickly change in color, size, and design
  • Colors, designs, and sizes can be changed quickly because does not need a plate. Can also additionally print to off-the-shelf goods.

  • Printable on off-the-shelf goods
  • Since it is possible to print on earphone cases that are already finished products, it is possible to easily change overstocked products and ready-made products into fashionable designs.

Introduction of custom goods printed with Mimaki UJF-7151 plusII

Other than that, UJF-7151 plusII can print on various things!
Printing on a container that can store earphone chips, etc., and a ballpoint pen that can be used for promotional items.
Various expression methods are possible, such as using silver ink, which I did not introduce this time.
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