Making an arranged placemat with entry model cutting plotter!

Making an arranged placemat with Mimaki compact flatbed cutting plotter!
With using a reciprocating cutter that can cut up to 10 mm thick
You can cut placemats made of various materials!

・Making goods that quick delivery/small volume multi-kind goods for events or sample quickly.
・Making only required quantity with no inventory.
・Safety and reduction of workload by no manual cutting.
・Easily cut complicated shapes according to the data. etc.,

CFL-605RT is compact entry model but provides four plenty functions.

【Examples of media what can be cut, and the functions.】
・Half-cut of sticker sheet (Eccentric cutter)
・Thick paper or resin material cutting (Tangential cutter)
・Ideal for foam material or cardboard cutting (Reciprocating cutter)
・Creasing the paperboard (Creasing roller)

Application examples

Corkboard material (10mm)

Placemat for Kids (soft PVC 0.5 mm)

For daily use (PP 0.5 mm)

Cutting plotter application example

Introducing of "Arrangement Tile Carpet", an application example of cutting and arranging off-the-shelf available tile carpet
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