Butterfly net

Make a custom butterfly net with a Mimaki sublimation transfer inkjet printer!

During summer vacation, many people go to collect insects such as beetles and stag beetles.
A butterfly net is what it takes to collect insects. Don't you feel there aren't many varieties but only different colors lineups?

After printing the data on the sublimation paper with a sublimation transfer inkjet printer, can easily decorate the mesh part by transferring it to the polyester mesh part using a heat press machine!

Sublimation transfer printing has
・ Quick manufacture of orders with minimum inventory
・ No need for large-scale pre-processing and post-processing equipment
・ Can be printed on off-the-shelf products, etc.

Digital-on-demand has many unique strengths!


The butterfly net introduced on this page was printed on sublimation paper with TS100-1600 and then transferred with a heat press machine.
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The TS100-1600 is an entry model sublimation transfer inkjet printer that can handle everything from a sample to mass production.
High speed printing of up to 70 m²/h for high productivity.
・Soft Signage
・Fashion Apparel
・Interior fabrics
・Sports Apparel
And so on, can be used for various purposes.

Low-volume, high-mix manufacturing

Only the mesh part dyeing

Can be printed on off-the-shelf products

Features of Mimaki sublimation transfer printer.

  • Space saving
  • Space saving large scale facilities are not required for pre-processing and post-processing. Also, no wastewater because the dyeing without water. That’s eco-friendly!

  • Safety of ink used for sublimation.
  • Mimaki has attained the "ECO PASSPORT" certification from OEKO-TEX® international association headquartered in Switzerland for sublimation inks.

  • Fulfilled mass production equipment
  • We can propose the large-capacity ink bottle or useful optional items ensuring the long-time continuous operation.

Introducing examples of custom goods made with sublimation transfer printers

Custom goods such as flip-flops or towels can be also manufactured by sublimation transfer. Refer, please.
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