Add value to an original stationery with colorful design or name printing.

Stationeries that probably anyone from children to adult has.
Name printed pencil, chic designed scissor.
This is an everyday item that may be released with collaboration with character image or artist sometimes.

On the other hand, Do you have such troubles such as gave up the manufacturing because too delicate design or the overstocking the original products inventory?
Mimaki’s Flatbed UV-LED inkjet printer can print the custom design on the original products.

The high-performance UV inkjet printer UJF-7151 plusII is available to print with high-definition printing at 1800 dpi.
Also, the new "Color Gloss" function achieves a unique expression with a glossy feel.

We have a variety of UV-LED inkjet printer for user's best choice with use or goal.
Also, the Jig that will be used for printing to the stationery are available to be made by 3D printer 3DFF-222 or cutting plotter CFL-605RT .
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UJF-7151 plusII

UJF-6042MkII e



Production Example

・Wants plus something extra to off-the-shelf stationary.
・Wants to start new business like an additional printing or name printing.
・Wants to do the new products development or prototyping speedy.

Our UV-LED inkjet printer can meet with such a request.

Printing using jig that manufactured with 3DFF-222

And can print using jig that manufactured with CFL-605RT too.

UJF-7151 plusII can print with using the color gloss function that available to express the gross texture without clear ink.

What will be able to realize with digital printing.

・Can be produced from one item
It is possible to print only the required minimum quantity. Therefore, it would be active in production field of high-mix low-volume or limited model.

・Possible to quick respond to changes in color, size, and design
You can quick change colors and sizes because printing plate are not required.
You can easily change the size of printing when print on the stationary that have the various sized off-the-shelf.

・It is possible to print on off-the-shelf goods
It is possible to print on off-the-shelf goods. Therefore, it is possible to easily change overstocked products and ready-made goods into a new design.

Click here for other applications examples that can manufacture with Mimaki printers.

Also, it is possible to manufacture the various things related to stationery by using Mimaki printer.
A name-printed ballpoint pen that can manufacture in the same way as the way introduced on this page.

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