Re-paste OK! Manufacture a custom print wallpaper made of peelable media!

Manufacture a custom print wallpaper that can be pasted and peeled off with Mimaki UV-LED inkjet printer & glued wallpaper!
Since it can be re-pasted, anyone can easily install it, and even after peeling it off, there is no adhesive residue!
It can also be used at event venues and rental housing.

・Zero drying time! Quick response for a construction of campaigns and events
・Manufacture only needed quantity without inventory
・Easy to change colors and designs
・For wall repair, manufacture only the size of the repaired part and save material waste  etc.,

Digital printing has many benefits!


UCJV300 Series


  • As a store decoration
  • The atmosphere of the sales floor will change so much! Replacing is easy without the need for any specific techniques. Why don't you change it according to the season and post the campaign information as the wall sticker?

Pop and friendly

For a chic and adult atmosphere.

  • For the children's room
  • As it is glued, it is easy to paste like a sticker! No push pins needed! No glue residue! There is no need to worry about damaging the original wall. Anyone can easily install it by themselves because it can be re-pasted!



Advantages of digital on-demand

  • Can be manufactured from the minimum required quantity
  • It is possible to produce only the minimum required length, and manufacture according to sales, such as additional mass manufacture of only the best-selling designs. Also possible by a prototyping and check the color on site.

  • Color, size, and design can be changed quickly
  • Can be manufactured without size or design restrictions! Various designs can be printed at the same time.

  • Print & cut feature
  • Can manufacture a wall sticker with a contour cut with one unit when use a printer with a print & cut feature (UCJV300 Series)!

Can check a color combination of wallpaper and wall with paste it on the wall

Can print the various designs at the same time

Can contour cut with print & cut feature

Applicable product

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