Window decoration

Easy window decoration using self-adsorption films!

Manufacture a window decoration that can be easily pasted and peeled off with Mimaki inkjet printer plus self-adhesive film!
Since it can be re-pasted, even shop staff can easily re-paste it.
Can easily change the store decoration for each season or sale!

・Quick response for store-specific campaigns and events
・Manufacture only needed quantity without inventory
・Easy to change colors and designs. etc.,

There are still many benefits to manufacturing in-house!

Examples for use in electronics retail stores, etc.


UCJV300 Series

Application Examples

  • Window decorations with different designs on the front and back
  • The sale advertisement is emphasized in orange from the outside (front), and the inside (back) is light blue to create a calm and beautiful shop atmosphere.

Outside of the shop

Inside of the shop

  • Shelf Wobbler
  • Manufacture a shelf wobbler with self-adsorption film

  • Sticker
  • It is easy to paste and peel off

  • Exhibition decoration
  • Easy installation on acrylic boards

Applicable product

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