Collaboration with "JAPANTEX 2017 Digital Print Exhibition"

Efforts of Mimaki
"JAPANTEX 2017 Digital Print Exhibition" Organization by THE TEXTILE DESIGN ASSOCIATION OF JAPAN (TDA)
Mimaki textile printer, Tx300P-1800 and Tx300P-1800B realized the direct print of 22 types of design data to each 4 meter cotton fabric.

Product used

JAPANTEX2017 × Tx300P-1800B, Tx300P-1800

Direct printing on cotton fabric by Mimaki textile printer, Tx300P-1800B and Tx300P-1800

"JAPANTEX 2017 Digital Print Exhibition" is an event focused on 22 young freelance textile designers of the next generation sponsored by THE TEXTILE DESIGN ASSOCIATION OF JAPAN (TDA). Their aim is to disseminate and develop excellent Japanese textile design for the world and to create an opportunity of activities and presentations for each designer and new creation.

Mimaki Tx300P-1800 Series (Tx300P-1800B, Tx300P-1800) were selected for digital printing on cotton there.
For cotton printing, Tx300P-1800 series (by Pigment ink) are easier to print than conventional systems in terms of apparatus and process. On-demand print by just 4-meter print of 22 different designs by Mimaki printer were prepared for this event.

A lot of visitors had a look of displayed various textile printing with different expression of each designer.

Exhibition scenery 1

Exhibition scenery 2

Faithfull reproduction of details of watercolor touch and design.

textile printing 1

textile printing 2

In response to major changes in the textile industry, we see it is required to respond to changes in designer's environment and design production. We would like to contribute to the textile industry by our inkjet development technology so that we can respond to the change.

JAPANTEX 2017 Digital Print Exhibition

"Looking for feeling of the times · · ·"
It is by next generation freelance textile designers.

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Printing by Tx300P-1800B

Introduced model is...


Entry-level Direct Textile Inkjet Printer (Belt-type)
Available to print on "stretchy fabric" and "thin material"

Tx300P-1800B | information site


Entry-level Direct Textile Inkjet Printer

Tx300P-1800 | information site

Product used

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