O-BAN CO.,LTD. (Suita city, Osaka)

Finding the machine that can cut foamed materials into complicated shapes in a short time.
CFR-1220T is very useful for high-mix low-volume production.

Various kind and small production, operate at full capacity.


O-BAN CO.,LTD.(Suita city, Osaka)
TEL:81-6-6378-9885 FAX:81-6-6378-9880
Industry: Sale of foam product and special processing product.

Installed printer: Flat bed cutting plotter "CFR-1220T"


【What let to introduce Mimaki's products】
・The vertical slitter had been used for the conventional foam processing, but it was unfit for the limited production of diversified products, quick delivery, and processing of the complex shape thing. However, the CFR-1220T solved all of those problems.

・Also, we expected that the more high-mix low-volume production business would be generated, so we introduced two plotters.


【Merits after installing】
・Quick shipping of the samples after receiving orders is achieved because the mold is not required. Only the CAD data (DXF) is needed to create products, so flexible response to the repeat order is possible just using the data the past.

・Different from the water jet, the cutting by the blade allows for low running production.


・The half cut is available, so the complex processing can also be done by just 1 plotter.

・Since adopting the CAD data, immediate response to the modification request from the customer is possible.

Picture: A scene of the processing

A scene of the processing

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  • NameO-BAN CO.,LTD.
  • IndustrySale of foam product and special processing product.
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