Reducing the time for label placement on the base plate.
CF-4620P is able to mark on the plate precisely for label placement.

CF-4620P solved the difficulty of the alignment on the base substrate.


Installed Machine: CF-4620P, CF1218T

Mr. Iimori (the chief)

【What let to introduce Mimaki's products】
SHINGOKIZAI installed cutting plotters including CF1218T to cut the high brightness reflective sheets for the letters of the road sign before introducing CF-4620P which is shown in this article. The letters cut by CF1218T are put (for temporary joint) on the substrate for the signage. After that, the letters go through the thermal compressure. The alignment of the letters on the substrate is done by using ruler, and this is troblesome. Then we wanted to have marking on the substrate for the precise and easy alignment. This was the reason to introduce CF-4620P.

(Marking for the road signage, and pressure bonding potter)
The face of the board is design to accomodate several sizes of substrates.
Behind:The pen head for the marking
Back:The roller for the low pressure bonding

Marking on the substrate by pen

●Marking on the substrate by pen
Marking for the precise alignment
After aligning, the cut letters of the high brightness reflective sheet are put on the substrate.

The roller for the low pressure bonding

●After putting the letters on the substrate, low pressure bonding process are waiting, which prevents the letters from peeling off.

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