【Exhibition】Mimaki Engineering Co.,Ltd. participates “PHOTONEXT2013”


Mimaki Engineering Co.,Ltd. participates in “PHOTONEXT2013” held from June 25 to 26, 2013 in Tokyo, Japan.

We showcase covers of photo albums and photo printed product samples.
Printing operation is also demonstrated at our booth.
We offer a variety range of applications to create unique photo albums by direct printing on diverse materials.

Exhibit Content

UV inkjet printer highlights your precious photograph.
Printing a precious photograph on varied products! We offer a wide variety of unique print applications.

Exhibit Printer


UJF-6042 series
– Printing on A2 paper size - For more info, click here.

Creating higher value-added products!
Various special samples are showcased

  • Digital Maki-e* and foil art work system:Creates metallic finish that wasn't able to be delivered.
  • Digital engraving system:Provides metallic materials unique finish that cannot represent by color printing.
  • Doming system:Adds value products by resin doming.

*Maki-e: Japanese traditional lacquer art work.

Digital Maki-e           Digital engraving        Doming

Exhibition Outline

Exhibition duration: June 25 - 26, 2013 (2 days)
Exhibition site: West 4 hall, Tokyo big sight
Admission fee: Free
Booth No.: 67
Official website: http://www.photonext.jp/ (Japanese)


Eri Miyazaki
MAL group, JP marketing DEPT.
Mimaki Engineering Co.,Ltd.
TKB Gotenyama Bldg. 5-9-41 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa Tokyo 141-0001

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