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User stories of CFL-605RT

POP-Tsujimoto Co., Ltd. (Osaka city, Osaka)


When cutting storefront POP items into odd shapes, a relatively large cutting plotter was used or manual cutting was performed, which made it difficult to achieve delicate cutting. With a conventional machine, small defects were found, such as visible cuts made on the back side, and the overflow of adhesives created on media with adhesives, which caused stains.


Introduction of CFL-605RT enables precise, perfect cutting, which increases technical and proposal skills of the company. More products are adopted at a sample creation phase. There is no failure due to manual cutting, which reduces wasted production costs.

POP-Tsujimoto Co., Ltd. | Mimaki user stories

Kinko's Japan Co., Ltd., Kanazawa Oyama Jinja Mae shop (Kanazawa city, Ishikawa)


When a roll-type small cutting plotter was used, media setting was difficult and thus preparation was time-consuming. We also wanted to increase the cutting accuracy.


CFL-605RT has higher accuracy and easier setting than the roll-type counterpart, making the downtime very short. Since the cutting speed is also fast, time loss and media loss are significantly reduced. The sense of “quick creation and show” becomes effective in up-selling during proposal phase.

Kinko's Japan Co., Ltd., Kanazawa Oyama Jinja Mae shop | Mimaki user stories

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