New Product Announcement "3DUJ-P (Provisional Name)" ; 3D UV-curable inkjet-printer prototype to be shown at "JAPAN SHOP 2017" 3-10 March 2017


Nagano, Japan, March 3, 2017

Mimaki Engineering, Nagano, Japan; president Kazuaki IKEDA, announces the release of the prototype 3D UV-curable inkjet-printer (3DUJ-P, provisional product name) at the 46th "JAPAN SHOP 2017" which will be held from March 7th to 10th, 2017 in Tokyo.

In 2015, Mimaki announced the entry into the 3D printer business and started its own 3D printer full color development. In addition to receiving high popularity form customers and improvement ideas, we have approached the commercializing phase of this product.

As a leader and innovator manufacturer for professional printers in Sign Graphics (SG), Industrial Products (IP) and Textile and Apparel (TA) markets, Mimaki has decided once again to take the lead and exhibit this new prototype at the "JAPAN SHOP 2017" Exhibition, held from 7 to 10 March, at Big Sight in Tokyo. During the exhibition, we will propose solutions, demonstrate and create samples with the help of the 3D UV-curable inkjet-printer (3DUJ-P) for all three markets. On March 7th (Tuesday) from 13:00, at Conference Bld., Mimaki will held a press conference during which the 3 D printing concept, characteristics and future prospects will be explained.


3D UV-curable inkjet printer (3DUJ-P)

Over 10,000,000 color combinations are possible

Full color combinations are possible because of Mimaki's experience and know-how with inkjet printing technology. Comparing to binder jetting, Mimaki offers 10,000,000 color combinations. At our booth, we will exhibit color block samples and you can experience a wide range of unique color expressions. Our staff will be happy to assist you during the fair.

Mimaki technology combined with high-quality modeling quality

Mimaki's printer and ink technologies made possible high-quality 3D printing that can create fine, precise and incredible real detailed products. Extremely details and fine line pattern samples, such as Kumamoto Castle or Hina doll, will be shown at our stand.

Clear ink enhances product variations

3DUJ-P comes with a clear ink and combining it with color ink it is possible to create half color transparent models. Moreover, combining imaging and ingenuity truly amazing samples can be made and we are happy to let you hold them in your hands during the show. We will exhibit a 3D lamp model to better understand and feel the benefit of clear ink.

Support material is soluble in water and thus beautiful results are created without troubles

Water soluble removal for the support material is easy. Fine detail models can be made and removal of the support material does not affect its final design.


[Date] 7-10 March, 2017 (TUE-FRI)
[Time] 10:00~17:00 (last day, until 16:30)
[Place] Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) Est, Hall No 4-5
[Booth No] JS4431
[Exhibition] Mimaki will exhibit at JAPAN SHOP 2017 (Japanese)

JAPAN SHOP 2017 official website

Press Conference

[Date] 7 March, 2017, from 13:00
[Place] Tokyo Big Sight Conference Bld., Room 610
[Content] "3DUJ-P (Provisional Name)" concept, Marketing and targets, Mimaki 3D Features, Production Performance, Future Prospects, etc.


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