Digital Textile Printing System by Utilizing Mimaki IoT


Nagano, Japan, May 15, 2018

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Mimaki), headquartered in Nagano Prefecture Tomi City; President, Kazuaki IKEDA made an announcement on a software, the "Mimaki Job Controller™ TA *1" for realization of "Production condition management", "Production condition reading by barcode scanning" and "Visualization of production data-base" by constructing a production data-base (hereinafter referred to as data-base) and using the network connection of the "Rimslow Series" of pre- and post- processing equipment for digital printing, together with Mimaki textile printers. *1: TA= Textile Apparel.

Production condition management:
Production condition management is an available function to record the data and manage the production conditions (hereinafter referred to as the conditions) that change corresponding to the type of textiles, ink and customer jobs. When repeating jobs, it is possible to call up the recorded data instantly to improve work efficiency. While manufacturing with using multiple units in parallel, it is possible to share the same conditions from the data base.

Production condition reading by barcode scanning:
Scanning *2 order sheet barcodes can call the conditions from the data-base fixed by the "Production condition management" and set-up a job automatically, which can prevent human errors.
*2: A barcode printer and a barcode reader are required for printing and scanning barcodes.

Visualization of production data-base:
It is a function to be able to visualize the relevant production information such as actual production numbers, production staff, production time and failure rates in addition to the conditions.
The past production data can be recorded to improve the productivity and the cost calculation. This also allows the sharing of the production status of received orders in a company.

"Mimaki Job Controller™ TA" Overview

"Mimaki Job Controller™ TA" Overview

Advantages of construction of production data-base by the "Mimaki Job Controller™ TA"

Production condition management

  • Quality stabilization: Possible for maintaining the quality stability due to the availability to manufacture under the same conditions in any time.
  • Cost reduction: Possible for quick calling up the past production conditions and minimizing the order instruction time.

Production condition reading by barcode scanning

  • Failure rates reduction: Eliminating human errors.
  • Labor cost lowering: Possible for repeat production under the same conditions even by less skilled operator.

Visualization of production data-base

  • Cost/profit calculation: Easy Cost/profit calculation from the information, such as actual production numbers, production staff, production time and failure rates.
  • Production plan improvement: Possible for daily/weekly/monthly production plan based on the profit calculation.
  • Data sharing of production progress: Easy confirmation of production status by other departments like sales team over the network.

Suggestion of total solution "Rimslow Series"

A concept model of the total solution including the "Rimslow Series" and the "Mimaki Job Controller™ TA" will be displayed at the Mimaki Stand (#: 1.2- D20-D30) of the FESPA Global Print Expo 2018.

FESPA Global Print Expo 2018

Period: May 15-18, 2018
Venue: Messe Berlin (Berlin Expo Center City, Germany)
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