“LX101 Ink” for JV400LX series printers


Newly developed latex ink, adding Orange and Green ink to CMYK

“LX101 Ink” for JV400LX series printers

Six-color Process Printing plus White

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. (President: Hisayuki Kobayashi; Headquarters: Nagano, Japan), a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers, today announced the new latex ink “LX101” for the latex inkjet printers JV400-130/160LX. The “LX101” ink is scheduled for release in April, 2013.

Last spring, Mimaki released the JV400-130/160 latex inkjet printers which can print on various substrates such as non-coated paper with environmentally friendly aqueous ink, whose outdoor durability is equivalent to solvent ink. The JV400LX series supported the world’s first white latex ink, achieving printability on clear substrates with vibrant color. The JV400LX has been used for a wide range of applications for both indoor and outdoor use.

The new latex ink “LX101” achieves an even more vivid, higher image quality by improving glossiness and increasing the density of black ink. In addition, Six-color Process Printing becomes available by adding Orange and Green inks to the standard 4-color setup (CMYK), thus delivering higher color reproduction and a wider color gamut. Since Six-color process printing is compatible with Mimaki’s original RIP software “RasterLink6”, the total solution of ink, printer, and software is provided.

Main Features:

1.Wider color gamut is achieved with Six-color Process Printing including Orange & Green ink
・A wider color gamut which previously could not be achieved with conventional 4-color(CMYK)Process Printing is attained, allowing effective reproduction of corporate colors such as company logos.
・Brilliant orange and green inks reproduce vibrant pastel colors, which are ideal for colorful posters and POP’s for food industry products.
・Spot color reproduction is improved, which enables production of excellent design package proofs in cases where designs require spot colors.

2.High density black ink and improved glossiness deliver rich and contrasting details
・By increasing the density of black ink, sharper, richer details are attained.
・The improved glossiness creates more vivid colors.

3.White ink which expands the range of applications is supported with the white ink circulation system
・A white ink layer provides more vivid color results on transparent substrates such as window film and shatterproof film, which meet a wide variety of needs in the sign graphics industry.
・JV400LX series printers are equipped with a white ink circulation system “MCT”* that prevents pigments from settling by routinely circulating the white ink. This ensures consistent printing.

4.Excellent drying and work-efficiency
・The ink dries fast enough to immediately move on to secondary processes such as laminating and installing.
・Because drying time is not required, the total work-efficiency is dramatically improved.

* MCT: Mimaki Circulation Technology (MCT works only for white ink)

Product info:

ItemItem No.Remarks
New latex ink: LX101CyanLX101-C-60600ml ink pack
White (*1)LX100-W-22220ml ink cartridge

*1 White ink is not available for LX101 inks. However LX100 white ink can be used in combination with LX101 inks.
*2 600 ml ink pack requires eco-cartridge. Eco-cartridges can be used repeatedly by replacing ink packs

Shipment commences:

April 2013

Contact info:

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.,
Global Sales Promotion Department
Zip code: 389-0512
Address: 2182-3, Otsu, Shigeno, Tomi, Nagano
Tel: +81-(0)268-64-2281, Fax: +81 (0)268-64-2285

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